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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

'Traditional Values'

I became an aunt for the second time today. My sister now has two strong, beautiful, perfect little boys.

For me, I think the time to have children might have very well passed. People scoff at that because I haven't even reached thirty yet, but that strong urge I had in my early twenties is all but gone.

There are so many things that would be lovely about having a child, like being able to raise it in my faith and to share with it all the wonders I've seen.

Having children today involves too many decisions when it was just a natural and expected process until just a few generations ago. I simply could not imagine myself having a child in my current circumstance, unless one were to fall out of the sky for me; that is I was made the legal guardian of an older child or something along those lines.

Apparently, my values are very 'traditional', even 'Christian' by Wiccan standards. Others may do as they please and will think neutrally of their decisions, but for me to bear a child, it would have to be in wedlock; if a man wants my child, he can darn well slip a ring on my finger!

Another thing is that I cannot see myself raising a child in a world of daycares and babysitters. In fact, the only way I truly see myself as a mother is that of a homemaking and homeschooling mama tending her brood of eight (plus or minus a few!) on her family's partially self-subsistent homestead where hubby brings home the proverbial bacon.

I'm told that's not exactly the most 'feminist' viewpoint out there. *snorts* I'm all for feminism if it gives me the choice to be what I want. Single, I want to travel around the globe and be selfish. Married with children, I want to be glued to the hearth.


Athena said...

#1 - that was my birthday, what a great date ;)

#2 - I just turned 30 and actually am pregnant with my first. I feel the exact same way as you in regards to ideal family. We don't have a farm yet (which I've wanted for years), and am starting to wonder if it's as feasible as I've originally thought. . so may settle for a decent parcel of land where I can grow some of our own food. I do try to make everything from scratch, use very little in the way of manufactured goods. My sister claims I'm becoming a pioneer. . :)

The one thing I differ from you in that regard is I never thought I wanted children up till a couple yrs ago. I was so focused on my career. Then between middle and upper mgmt, I realized I could not handle the politics, fortunately found a great old fashioned guy, and things just fell into place (though, to be totally blatant, we had to rush the wedding as I got pregnant a few months after our engagement) I don't even know if I would have gotten pregnant had I already not stopped working and been in good shape enough for that to happen. Which just goes to show that things tend to work themselves out.

You never know what could happen!

Raven said...

1-Wow, popular date! LOL
2-Congratulations on your pregnancy!
2.a It's amazing to discover someone who has the same vision of an 'ideal' life.
3-Everyone tells me 'you never know what could happen', and the gods have shown me how true that is, LOL! I keep an open mind. :-)

Thank you for reading. :-)