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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Interesting Promotion...

Here in Quebec we get a weekly 'Publi Sac' ('advertisement bag') filled with flyers from local merchants. I've never paid much attention to them, but resolved to make a change now that I've decided to do some conscientious grocery shopping.

Inside the bag, I found flyers for five grocery stores: IGA, Loblaws, Maxi, Super C, and Metro.

IGA has for a long time been my store of choice for price, quality, and selection. I also like that I can rack up Airmiles with each purchase. Loblaws/Provigo is okay for the odd grocery trip, but I tend to find it more expensive and the stores are just too big with too much miscellanea. Shopping there is always an expedition. Maxi and Super C have decent prices on what they have in stock, but you can't get everything there. I have no idea where the nearest Metro is, so no opinion on that store.

All that to say that I will continue to focus on IGA. It's still the most convenient for me and I'm most familiar with their prices.

As I went through the flyer, I noted on the back of an envelope the specials for products I used that seemed to be good bargains. The few that required coupons (to get extra Airmiles), I also cut out the coupon and put it in the envelope.

At the back of the flyer was the most interesting promotion I've ever seen at a grocery store: by a 12 pack of beer and get 4lbs of oranges free.... I'll definitely be taking them up on that one!

I did flip quickly through the Maxi flyer and found 398mL cans of Del Monte fruit for 1$ each, which is a real bargain. Since Maxi isn't a detour on the route home from IGA, I might stop off there when I'm done at IGA.

Monday, which signals the arrival of my fridge, so I can finally go grocery shopping, can't come quickly enough!!!

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