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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


The last week and a half has been pure delight. My new home is so beautiful and clean and it's wonderful to set up house in it.

I've been working at it progessively since I don't have all my furniture and things yet (the hurricane lands on Monday). I've managed to set up most of the bedroom, bathroom, and bedroom, with some just a few things left to do for each of those rooms.

Moving is not a naturally frugal event for me, but I've managed to somewhat balance desires and thrift this time around. For example, I wanted a specific over-the-toilet cabinet, which was a full 60$ more expensive than the 'plain' version of the same cabinet. Still, I shopped around and found it for fully 30$ less at CDN Tire than at Zellers (!) so the difference between 'plain' and' fancy' was reduced by half.

I also need new bookcases (a real necessity in this case) and had my eye on specific Ikea bookcases that would have set me back 800$-1,000$. It's money I'll have in a few months, but not now, so I resigned myself to laminate. I thought I could go with 'Billy' bookcases, but at 75$ a pop, they, too, were more than I was ready to commit to at this time. Well, I lowered my standards of looking for brown 'Billy' bookcases and started to look at offers for other colours. Imagine that I found 3 for 75$ in black and 3 for FREE in white! Now, I have more than enough bookcases AND they're being Ikea means that I'll be able to recoup some, if not all, of the money I spent to buy them and lug them home when I'm ready to upgrade to the bookcases I want. Six 'Billy' bookcases for the price of one! Now, how's that for frugal?!

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