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Thursday, March 29, 2007

The End of a Long, Dark Night

There is nothing in the world like waking up to discover that your total debt load has been reduced by almost 30%!

One of my bigger loans, for which my father had co-signed, was paid off by a life insurance policy this morning.

I'll be paying off a smaller loan next week, once the unexpected money comes in. The combined payments for these two loans means that I'll be freeing up just about the cost of my rent at my new place. Add to that what I'm saving on gas and car maintenance, as well as home and auto insurance, and I'm definitely going to have a bit of extra money at the end of each month.

Left to pay off:

-credit card;
-line of credit;
-car (paying 0.9% interest, so not my first priority);
-student loan (gives me a decent tax credit, so also not a first priority);
-fridge and stove (did the 'no payments, no interest for a year' thing, still have six months to go before the bill is due, and I have most of the money saved up, so I'm not even thinking about this at this time).

Soon as my insurance payment comes in, I'm paying off my credit card and reducing the balance to the lowest limit possible, and removing my overdrafts from my accounts. The line of credit will be next, followed by the student loan, and then the car.

I need to set aside money for tuition and my surgery next fall and once that's done, I can think about taking a nice little holiday this summer. *makes a mental note to have her passport application processed*

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