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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Shopping Lessons For This Week

Shopping Lesson #1: Know your favourite stores' price honouring policies
Bonus Shopping Lesson: Keep your receipts

A week ago, I bought 180$ worth of clothes at my favourite shop. I know better than to pay full price for anything at the shop, so everything I bought was discounted at least 20% and I got a lot for my 180$. Going by the shop yesterday, I saw that they were having a rare '50% off already reduced merchandise sale.' I shop there so often that I know that lower prices are honoured within a two week window. So, I went in with my receipt and asked if any of the items I'd bought the week before were eligible for this 50% off sale. Yes! I was given a refund of 37$! Since other items I wanted were on sale for 50% off, I used the refund to buy them. My total was five skirts, seven tops, and a pair of workout pants for 180$!

Shopping Lesson #2: You don't always have to go far from home to get the best deal

I'm taking a holiday soon and desperately needed luggage. I did some research and found the brand I wanted. It was very pricey, but the amount felt reasonable. So, I went to the nearby luggage shop, which everyone had told me not to go to since they're pricey, and which is where I buy most of my purses and bags. I asked if they could order me the luggage. Not only did they order my luggage, but they honoured two ongoing sales--a 25% off all luggage sale AND a 'buy two, get one free' sale. But here's the kicker. I'd ordered three pieces of luggage. They made me pay for the cheapest item, which I thought I'd be getting free, a 15$ 'gift.' Then, I was told I could pick out an item worth the value of the second item, 50$! So, I got a lovely brief/laptop case that I've been eyeing for ages and which was actually a 100$ value on sale for 50% off! My four pieces came to 150$, including taxes, when one of the pieces alone was 125$ at full price!

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