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Monday, June 11, 2007

Frugal Bedroom Decoration

When I moved, I redid my entire bedroom using donated furniture and bed dressing. It wasn't stuff that I would have otherwise chosen for myself, but it looks good and fits in nicely with the colour the landlords used on the wall, if not the navy blue blinds used to inadequately cover the window. Initially, I was just going to add the balloon valance that matches the bedspread when I realised that I needed a lot more opacity than just a blind. I was going to go out to price material for curtains, dreading the thought of having to sew them, when I realised that there were a lot of pieces from the bed dressing that I hadn't used. Perhaps something in there could be suitable? Perhaps I could turn the unused sheets into curtain... Well, as it turns out, I had two more balloon valances, which just happened to be finished fabric panels that fit my windows perfectly and which have little loops across each edge.... I nailed five nails along the top of the window frame and hung both panels from them. I went for two to get maximum opacity. Then, I installed the balloon valance over everything to give it a more finished look. And to think I was almost too short sighted (and even lazy) to go through my linen closet before heading off to Bouclair!

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