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Friday, June 15, 2007

Urban Oasis

I half-assedly attempted to garden when I lived in the country, but it never really amounted to anything. Living in the city again, and this time with access to a little bit of garden space, I'm discovering gardening as a chance to get close to nature. I find myself watering diligently every day, pulling weeds, cutting my wee bit of lawn with garden shears, and otherwise puttering around in the green space I have created in an otherwise barren cityscape. I've arranged for 'plant sitting' during my holidays and I hope to come back to fresh vegetables, not dry stalks!

This year, I am attempting to coax out of a few inches of rocky soil some tomatoes, cucumbers, and red peppers, and out of pots some cherry tomatoes and herbs.

The herbs are doing well so far. It's fantastic to be able to step onto the porch and snip from my basil plant

I am surprisingly content here. There are moments when I even think I'm happy.

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