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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Value Village Deals

Wow, that job at the nursery wound up costing me a bundle! I lost so much weight there that all the 'work appropriate' attire I've been lugging for four months no longer fits!

Thankfully, the work culture here is fairly casual, so I know that just a few pieces will help me stretch my casual wardrobe. I went to Value Village with a list of several things and, to my surprise, I found all of it! This never happens when I go shopping! I should go buy a lottery ticket!

On my list were:

-A black kerchief in a dressy material. I found a black and white satin one that's perfect!

-A pair of medium-weight black slacks. First pair I put my hands on was perfect!

-A few blouses. Found three that weren't too... huge. *laughs* I can't believe that I can wear blouses now!

-Several pairs of jeans (for off work hours). After all my hard work looking for jeans at the end of the summer, all that was needed was losing a few inches of fat around the middle. I found three comfy and nice pairs of jeans today... and only tried on four!

I added two books to my pile and the amount for everything was 77$. The lady at the cash told me that I could buy a 3$ Value Village calendar which has coupons for every month and which would give me a rebate on my purchase today. How much of a rebate, I wondered. A whole 25$!!! So, my 75$ total came to 55$ after buying the calendar and getting the rebate!

I've complained before that VV isn't always a good bargain, but today I totally scored!

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