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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Move is Now Official!

Well, the worst of the blog move is over, so I've decided that I will no longer be updating travelswithmiranda.blogspot.com. All future updates will be at travelswithmiranda.uskeba.ca. I'll leave the Blogger version up for now, but everything on it is available at the WordPress site, including comments.

What is left for me to do is finish uploading all my photo albums. You might therefore encounter broken links within old posts. Please take a moment to leave a comment if you encounter such a link.

I'm very, very excited about this move. While WordPress has tested my patience (and will continue to do so), I am happy to be moving to the freedom of hosting my blog at my own domain and having full control over the design. I hope that this blog/website hybrid will be both useful and entertaining.

Miranda and I hit the road again in just a little over a week!

For those reading about my travels on OIT's tale, I'm afraid you will need to go to the TWM blog to continue reading up on my adventures. I am considering moving OIT to WordPress also, but it will probably remain here with its infrequent updates. I am trying to turn TWM into a business and I need to focus my energies on it for the time being.


1001 Petals said...

I have been reading your new blog, but was wondering if I should delete this one from my bookmarks? Are you going to update here too?

All the best.

1001 Petals said...

Ah, re-read this post more carefully!
It is hard to read sometimes with a toddler afoot.

Raven said...

Kids can be so distracting! ;-)

I do plan to still post here, but it's not going to be as frequent since I'm treating TWM as a job.