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Monday, October 8, 2007


A colleague asked me to supply something for this year's charity campaign bake sale. I decided to be brave and accept; baking just isn't my thing. I made my vegan no nut brownies. These are truly 'mine'; I came up with the basic recipe and fine tuned it to the point of perfection (if I do say so myself). The theme of the bake sale is Halloween, so I ruined my brownies with icing, but I think they look pretty cute (and, okay, a tad messy). The Smarties are supposed to be the eyes and mouths of the 'pumpkins', but I ran out of brown ones, so I'll just say that the topping is Halloween candies. :-)

One nice thing about baking for charity is that you can put staple purchases such as flour and sugar under 'donations' rather than 'groceries' in your budget, leaving more money for other food. :-)

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