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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Patience pays off yet again...

I go through about a purse a season, then I lose patience with it because it starts to show wear. That's what you get with vinyl, even 'nice' vinyl. So, for some time now, I've been looking for a unique-looking (perhaps tooled?) genuine leather purse in a neutral colour such as tan. I was prepared to shell out several hundred dollars for the 'perfect' purse.

Long story short, one of my cats destroyed my latest vinyl purse last Friday (don't ask), which motivated to go 'hunting' in Toronto while on holiday there. Lo and behold, I found THE purse at Winners! I couldn't believe it! For one thing, I never, ever find anything at Winners! With tax, it came to a mere 40$! Let's just say I didn't need to think too hard about that purchase.

This afternoon, while looking at wallets at Bentley's (just looking, no hurry to replace my current one *g*), I saw that they'd brought in new leather purses. One was strikingly similar to mine, but didn't have quite as many pockets and the hardware was shiny gold, rather than the brushed bronze I favour so much that all the hardware at my old house was made of that metal! Benley's price for the purse? 100$. Sad thing is, I've been looking so long, I would have probably been thrilled with that one and bought it!

Now, I don't recommend driving 1,000km to save 60 dollars, but sometimes it's a good idea to look in new places when you've exhausted all your usual haunts.

Wish me luck with my next search: for the perfect winter coat and boots!

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