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Monday, October 1, 2007

Slow on the uptake sometimes...

My 5x1$ General Mills coupons were going to expire this week, so I was determined to spend them during tonight's grocery pick up. I couldn't believe that there wasn't something on my pantry list for which the coupons could apply. When I got to the end of the last aisle, I found myself looking at the Old El Paso products and debated whether I should 'treat' myself to a taco kit or two using the coupons. Then I made the connection between the shelf and my cart. Tortillas. HELLO! I buy the store brand tortillas normally, but they're just 20 or 30 cents less than the Old El Paso brand. With the coupons, the OEP tortillas became 50 to 70 cents less than the store brand (and they taste SO much better). I put five packs in my cart, patted myself on the back, and shook my head at how slow I can be sometimes. LOL

'Course, passing through the cash was a different story. Coupons are just not that common here when compared to the States and a lot of cashiers don't have the training and/or authority to scan non-circular coupons. So, checkout took a while and the cashier kept on apologizing to me when I think she should have been apologizing to the poor couple behind me! I didn't mind the wait since there was no issue with acceptance of the coupons, just how they would be processed in the computer. Someone goofed at some point because according to the receipt, the store owes me 761,367.11$... The manager who processed the coupons just looked at the before coupon total, subtracted 5$ in his head, and punched that into the Interac system. Once my transaction was approved, he said that he was going to go have fun undoing his more than seven hundred thousand dollar mistake. Hee hee.

Money 'saved' today: 10$. 5$ on the tortillas, 1$ on frozen strawberries, 4$ on cheese. Not a bad haul.

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