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Friday, December 7, 2007

Finally ready for winter!

Well, the winter coat, boot, and accessories saga is over! My budget was 750$ and needed to cover a good coat, good boots, and accessories.

It started with my gloves. They are chocolate brown kid leather with a discreet orange stitch going across the length of the hand. The orange perfectly matches my orange pashmina scarf that I wanted to wear this winter. The gloves were 25% off.

Then came the coat. I won't go into all the details because it's quite a sordid tale, but finding a coat was a disaster and I finally wound up at Danier Leather. I'd been looking for camel-coloured wool and wound up at a leather store. That's how sordid the tale is. At any rate, I purchased a chocolate brown leather coat good for three seasons, including fairly cold winter days, deciding that my current coat will do for the really cold and/or snowy days. This amazing and gorgeous coat (which I'd shopped for online so I'd be prepared since sales work on a commission basis), and for which I've gotten a ton of compliments, fits perfectly in the shoulders but is a bit loose at the tummy (a necessary evil), but has a cut that the leather tailor says can be taken in for when I slim down again. The coat was 50% off.

Finally, the boots. I went out this evening feeling a bit more desperate than I would have liked. My current boots were starting to leak and... my colleagues and I discovered that the bad smell in the office that we've been tracking for weeks was... my boots. *dies* So, I did a few 'cheap' stores today since December is not a time to spend a couple hundred on boots and I had expected my old boots to get me through to January. I wanted brown or tan boots, mid-calf length, without heels, and in a 'shiny' material (ie. no 'suede') with a Thinsulate or similar lining. I found nothing. Then I stepped into a new-to-me store and found kid leather chocolate brown boots without heels, full-calf length, Thinsulate-like lining, and 50% off (bringing them to the price I was ready to pay for 'cheap' boots). I figured that there would be no way these boots would fit since I have quite the well developed calf. You can probably see where this is going. They were the most perfect boots I could have ever hoped to find and they FIT.

Total cost for my gorgeous chocolate brown leather outfit (not counting the pashmina scarf that was bought last year), including taxes: 425$

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