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Sunday, December 30, 2007


I used to hate housecleaning. I was so disorganized and encumbered by stuff that cleaning was a daunting task involving moving piles of stuff to another room, cleaning, moving the piles of stuff again back to the room I just cleaned, cleaning another room, etc. It could take me a whole day to do just one small room... and at the end it looked no cleaner since it was just as cluttered.

My slovenly ways haven't ended. I still face housecleaning sometimes with piles of stuff not where they belong. But the piles are smaller (much smaller) and they have a home. Yesterday, I couldn't look at the living/entry room any more and resigned myself to spending a couple of hours cleaning it up. A half hour later, I was sitting at my computer looking around at a spotless room! It took about 10 minutes to put stuff away (easy when stuff has a home!) and make a couple of trips upstairs. Then I spent about 10 minutes vacuuming (including moving furniture) and another 10 minutes washing the floor. When I was done, the room looked great AND I didn't have a pile in another room to move before I could clean that room.

This morning, the kitchen has taken about the same amount of time. I love cleaning the kitchen now that my dishwasher cleans the dishes while I do the rest. :-)

After, it's off to the upstairs to spot clean the bathroom and then vacuum and wash the floors, about forty-five minutes worth of work. It's amazing to not have to spend whole days cleaning my house now.

I tried the 'do a bit every day so you don't have to clean on the weekend' method, but I don't like it since the whole house never looks good at one time.

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