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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Luxury can be frugal!

I did my grocery shopping this morning and decided to go to Loblaws. On my list were shower gel, lotion, and a lined wicker basket (Loblaws is a bit of a general store and carries home products for prices comparable to Wal-mart or Zellers). The gel and lotion had to be in my scent, lavender.

I found this:

The basket alone is worth 20$ full price and there is at least 30$ worth of products in there. I know because I only buy lavender body products and there isn't much of it out there so I'm very cognizant of the pricing of the items and brands that exist. I also have a use for everything in there (the sisal 'sponge' is a real bonus).

I got the whole thing for 25$. One day sale. Bwa ha ha!

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