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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

THAT Time of Year is Here Again

Tax time, that is.

My accountant has left the province, so I decided that this year, I would do my taxes myself once again. Picked a good year for it, too, she adds sarcastically, as I have to deal with investments and RRSPs for the first time. The latter are particularly confusecating.

When I do my own taxes, I like to start early and then add information as the T-slips and other paperwork comes trickling in. Whenever I get discouraged, I look at US tax filing information to remind myself that Canadians have it pretty easy when it comes to tax time (except for the amount of money we have to shell out, of course).

Next year should be another interesting year for filing since I'll have to do a federal return and a Quebec return, as well as figure out the Manitoban system. I'll probably get professional help, like I did when I lived in Ontario, but filed in Quebec. That was fun, especially the audit. CRA flagged me for living in Ontario, going to school in Ontario, filing in Quebec, and working in the US, Quebec, and Ontario. It was really nice to confuse them for once, but it all got sorted out. Then, the MRQ (Minister of Revenue for Quebec) got their nose into everything and started to recrunch numbers only to find out that they owed me several hundred dollars. Ha, ha, ha!!!

I've always received a refund and I imagine that this is going to be my last year of getting one since I've paid off my student loan. At least, I'll no longer be living in Quebec when the perks of being indebted run out.

Anyone (from any country) have any scary tax stories to share?

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