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Saturday, February 9, 2008

This Week's Deals

My uncouth neighbours were playing music too loudly for my taste today, so I decided to escape and do something rather unfrugal--recreational shopping.

I headed to two Value Villages to see what they had in stock. The pickings were slim today, thankfully. All I brought home were a puzzle by my favourite puzzle artist Charles Wysocki (1.99$), and two stainless steel bowls. I've been wanting to buy my cats stainless steel water and food bowls for years, but resented the prices for new ones. At VV, I found a large food bowl for 1.99$ and a smaller water bowl for .99$. Yay!

I also perused the skirts and found two skirts I own (!). One was marked 14.99$ and the other 19.99$. I bought them new for 1.99$ and 9.99$ respectively. Proof, that it's not always worth it to buy used.... Also, VV sure isn't the 'value' it used to be.

Yesterday, I went to GT to get some groceries and got some decent frozen pizzas for 2.98$ each. I'd bought them before and found the crust and cheese awesome, but the sauce bland. So, when I cooked one for dinner tonight, I sprinkled some dried basil and oregano on top and it made all the difference. YUM! I can't believe I used to buy an individual slice of pizza for 3$ when I can have a whole one for that price!

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