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Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Colourful Epiphany

For years now, I've oggled these boxes in the makeup department of various stores:

I don't know if it was my DVD project or what, but I suddenly had an epiphany as to what I could use this box for:

I don't like how most of the top cover is not utilized, so I plan to add more elastics.

I want to get more of these boxes (they have different styles) to compartmentalize and corral several other areas of my life.

Now that I know that I'm aiming for a fairly nomadic, don't want to be weighed down by furniture, type of lifestyle for quite a while, it makes sense to make all activities in my life portable. These compartmentalized cases are definitely more organized than just shoving everything into a shoebox!


Louise said...

I, too, am drawn to those neat cosmetic cases. It's great to see one used so effectively, and satisfies my nosiness to see the photo.

I can't believe you read the Statement of Work on our website. That takes true dedication, or insanity.

Thanks for posting your link, Raven.

Raven said...

Louise, your SoW broke down bus systems into manageable chunks. It's a great primer for someone who's starting from scratch!

Thanks for stopping by.