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Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Favourite eBay Tool

I adore the new(ish) eBay tool 'make offer.' Not every seller uses it, obviously, but when it's offered, I always make use of it and have had great success with it.

The first time I used 'make offer' was when I wanted to buy three items from one seller who didn't offer combined shipping. I made her offers that essentially gave me free shipping. She accepted!

This week, I bought two skirts off of eBay. The first was 10$ with 5$ shipping. It didn't have a 'make an offer' option, but that was fine since I felt that the price and shipping were fair. The second, though, was 10$ with 10$ shipping. I felt that the shipping cost was excessive, so I offered 6$ for the skirt. The seller accepted.

I think that this tool offers a win/win for buyers and sellers. How often have you looked at an eBay auction, felt that the 'buy it now' price was a bit too high, and thought 'I would have bought it for a couple of dollars less'? Or been a seller whose item didn't sell and for which you would have gladly accepted a few dollars less?

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