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Monday, May 19, 2008

Use What You Have, Redux

I came up with a much better idea for storing the DVD inserts: mylar sleeves in a binder. I will get some cheap matching binders at a dollar store, but I have hundreds of mylar sleeves doing nothing. Using these, I can see both the front and back of a sleeve so I don't have to pull it out to view it (ie. less damage) and it'll be easier to keep the collection alphabetized (ie. one insert per sleeve regardless of whether or not it has something on the reverse side).

I've put away and catalogued all my DVDs except my collection of Stargate and have about a quarter of the box left, so there's room to 'grow' in that box. I'll get a second box devoted to Stargate so I have them all in one place.

I can't believe how much space this convenient system is going to save me, much less how practical it is! Random surfing sure has paid off.

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