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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Easy Decisions and Provincial Differences

The park where I'm staying runs through the winter, but with only a small section of its sites open. When I pulled in last week, they didn't have a spot in their winterized section available, so they put me in their 'about to be closed' section and told me I'd probably have to move today. Bummer. Today, I went to confirm that I was moving and where to. They said I could stay on my site if I didn't mind... not having running water. Okay, run this by me again. I can pack up and move for two days or I can stay here, with sewer and 30A power, and my full tank of water? Ooooh, now that's a toughie. This was pretty much my confirmation that this park attracts a higher end clientele; the manager couldn't believe that it's no hardship to live off my fresh water tank for two days! What's nice is that I now have no immediate neighbours.

As for provincial differences, I ran out of beer this week as I finished the 12 pack I'd bought my first day on the road. I decided to replenish my supply and looked forward to seeing how beer is sold in Alberta. In Quebec, you can buy liquor at any grocery store or convenience store, or go to a liquor (SAQ) store to get higher end items. In Ontario, you go to the liquor (LCBO) store to get wine, spirits, and fine beers, and you go to the beer store for beer. I'm exceedingly fond of that system. Sure, the beer stores can sometimes be in out of the way places, but it offers every single kind of beer imaginable in one aisle. Kind of like the M&M meat shop of the alcohol world. At any rate, I didn't really register where to buy beer in Manitoba or Saskatchewan. Parked in front of a Safeway grocery store today, I noticed that it had a separate entrance with 'liquour and spirits' written over the top. I imagined that it might be an LCBO-type setup, but figured that they might have some beers. I went in and found a proper beer cooler, with a decent selection. So, I guess that Alberta is similar to Quebec, in that you can get your beer at the grocery store, but in a special section of its own.

Well, I'm off to get creative with my battery compartment. An update about that will follow, provided my coach doesn't blow up (*winks at Croft*).

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