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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Settling In...

I'm going to have to start to compose posts that I can just cut and paste into Blogger during my stolen moments of online time!

More about the last few days will follow, but I will say that I'm settling in nicely, learning A LOT, eager to get on the road, already nervous about how the winter is going to be, and collecting lots of amusing anecdotes.

Topics to look forward to:

-Rae learns a very important lesson about towing.

-Rae discovers that backing up perfectly (in one try) into a campsite is actually not the most important consideration at that time.

-Rae finds something that no longer makes it necessary for her to run an extension cord from her electrical post to the coffee maker set on a picnic table.

-Rae has a real lightbulb moment involving a too highly chlorinated fresh water holding tank.

And more!

Stay tuned! :-)


Bast said...

You mentioned backing up - good luck to you! That's why I always loved pull-through spaces. :)

Raven said...

Backing up Miranda is a real non-issue! The only reason I avoid it is because I can't back up with the toad attached and I hate to unhook unless I have to. Otherwise, between the mirrors and the backup camera, I'm more comfortable operating Miranda in reverse than I am the toad!