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Friday, September 19, 2008

Regina and the RCMP Heritage Centre

Some pictures from Monday:

This is Wascana Lake, in the heart of Regina. It's surrounded by greenery and has paths along its banks for running, biking, walking, etc. There are a lot of tourist attractions in this area.

One of the many gravestones I photographed at the Regina Cemetery. There was a whole section devoted to the graves of children and this was one of the sweetest. Rest for the little sleeper indeed.

This is a native prairie grass garden growing right outside the Royal Saskatchewan Museum. Most of these plants no longer grow naturally as the prairie ecology has been changed to accommodate agriculture.

Now on to Wednesday, which was devoted to touring the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Heritage Centre located right on the site of Depot, where all Mounties get their training. The site has a museum that is well worth the visit and visitors are also allowed to wander the grounds of Depot provided they follow the blue Mountie road:

All the buildings at Depot are of this style:

Finally, if there's one nice thing I can say about the RCMP it's that they sure do know how to put on a show:

This is an excerpt from the Sergeant Major's parade, which is when all the cadets are inspected.

I was surprised that I was allowed to take the pictures and videos that I did. Must have something to do with the RCMP's desperate need to improve their public image and seem more transparent.

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Bast said...

I'm surprised you got to take the pics and vids, too. Thanks for the tour!