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Sunday, December 14, 2008

And so it begins...

It went down to about -8 last night. Everything was hunky dory this morning, not that I was stressed seeing as the magic number is -10.

Today's high was about -8 and it's all been downhill from there.

This morning was my favourite weather, the one in which I could live pretty much year round except for two weeks of swimming weather--coldish, dry, and sunny, perfect for wearing a light coat while doing some brisk exercise... like shoveling. But the weather has now degenerated to the 'bitterly cold' stage.

Everything is no longer hunky dory. The line from the main part of the plumbing to the toilet room appears to be frozen solid.

I traced the line and realised that, DOH, it's actually located in a compartment, one that I so seldom use that I tend to forget I even have it. So, I went out to the hardware store and picked up the cheapest heater they had. The clerk tried to 'upsell' me to a fancier and pricier model but I made it clear that I had the heaters I needed for inside and I was just looking for something for the basement. He confirmed that the cheapie should work fine.

So, I got the heater installed in the compartment, but there is a problem: I had to use the 15A connection that was running the space heater in the cab. I therefore can no longer run that space heater as I'm out of amperage!

I purchased potable antifreeze, which I'll add to my pipes periodically (yes, I know it's not the most efficient way of using the product). I also bought some desiccant crystals to absorb some of the moisture in here.

A reader asked a very pertinent question: why don't I just leave and escape the weather? The only way out of here is through some pretty bad snow and icy road conditions. It's safer to make my stand right here.

I'm desperately trying to keep some perspective here. A few days of personal discomfort really won't matter if I can at least keep my plumbing and other systems from suffering damage. I can wear more clothes, wrap myself in a blanket, or spend the day at the clubhouse.

In January 1998, I lived through what we call THE Ice storm. 21 days without power, living as refugees, and learning to 'do without.' A cold snap where I have access to supermarkets, hot showers, and the internet pales in comparison to that event. So, don't worry about me, but pray for my Miranda!

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