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Monday, December 15, 2008

An Unpleasant Night

Boy, the manufacturer wasn't kidding about minus ten being the magic number!

The bedroom was unbearably cold last night and woke me up at 3AM. Additional clothing and bedding weren't sufficient to make me comfortable. I'm not sure what I can do to insulate the windows, what with all the condensation and moisture up there, so I think I will be sleeping in the study this week.

I had water for a few minutes at 3AM, and then none. This makes me suspect that the water intake, not the whole system, is frozen. I aimed a hair dryer at it for about ten minutes this morning, removing a very thick covering of ice. I hope that full sun will help it further thaw. I've asked for advice as to whether I should leave the water connection on or close it and am awaiting a response.

Two winters ago, I sat shivering in a metal box on wheels without water and swore I'd never go through that again. I've, yet again, failed to keep a promise to myself. I'm trying to decide if that failure is mitigated by due diligence in picking a suitable Canadian climate for passing the winter (even though said climate has betrayed me) and, well, being on the road.

At least, water and hot showers are just a hop, skip, and a jump across the compound. This sure beats driving into the city to use the gym showers, schleppiung to the village spring for drinking water, and melting snow for non-potable use!

I will get through this, but after surviving the Ice Storm and four winters in the mobile house I've earned the right to do so while stomping my feet and jumping up and down shrieking hysterically "IT'S NOT FAIR!" At least, inside my head. On the outside, I'm still trying appear graceful and full of humour. :-)

Next year, I'm going south. Budget be damned.

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