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Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Slight Chill

We are currently in the throes of our first below freezing stretch. It's been going down to about minus five over night and we're hitting daily highs of about minus two. Even though I'm well acquainted with week-long stretches of minus thirty-fives, it's been a while and I'm finding these days very cold!

I'm pleased to report that Miranda is holding up very well. I can keep the study, the main part of the bathroom, and the lounge at a comfortable temperature. The kitchen, entrance, cab, upstairs bedroom, toilet room, all cabinets, and the basement stay chilly. For these prolonged periods of cold, I run the furnace through the night as it heats parts of the coach that the electric heaters can't reach. My holding tanks, water line, and sewer pipe all seem to be doing just fine.

Moisture and condensation have thus far only proven to be a problem in the bedroom. Yesterday, I discovered that a cushion that was lying against a window was mouldy. I threw it out and will now make it a habit to wipe the windows once a day. The bedroom being chilly isn't a problem. I like to sleep with a lot of blankets, so I'm nice and cozy, and when I get up, I immediately enter a warmer part of the rig, so I don't have a temperature shock.

I had a small heater for the toilet room, but it stopped working a few weeks ago. I finally made it to Penticton today and returned it, but there were no comparable replacement options. So, for now, I leave the toilet room door open overnight, but I will try to find another little heater as soon as I can. I still can't get over the fact that there is no furnace vent in that room!

Miranda continues to be the most comfortable home I have ever had the pleasure of living in.

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