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Thursday, December 4, 2008


I've desperately needed some new footwear the past couple of weeks. The boots I bought in Val D'Or have been pretty much trashed by the nursery job (that's okay, I bought them for that sort of work!). I knew exactly what I wanted and have been looking for it for several years--a natural brown, short, non-lined, leather, vintage-style boot that would look good with both jeans and skirts, for those days that I don't feel like wearing the tall boots. I found a pair last year, but they only had sevens and I wear nines.

Today, I found them again. Not quite the same or as perfect as the ones last year, but close enough:

After doing all the high end footwear places, I found my dream boots at... Walmart. For 40 bucks. Yes, they are real leather.

I like that the top part of the boot has hooks rather than eyelets (like ice skates), so they're super easy to slip into and tie up, unlike my work boots which take way too long to get into (worth it for their comfort, though).

There's just something about new boots that makes feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :-)

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