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Friday, August 24, 2007

Ordering Groceries Online

Since I'm still not allowed to lift more than 5lbs at any one time, I've been ordering my groceries online at iga.ca to be delivered at home. I'm really enjoying this process, which I've done three times. I haven't evaluated if I've saved any money at all, but I'm sure I have because I've avoided making impulse purchases. Even though delivery is 10$ (3$ to assemble the order, 5$ to deliver, and 2$ tip), I'm not wasting gas and I stick to my list. The site is set up to recognize if an item is currently on sale or if there is a coupon for it, so I still get the discounts I would have gotten anyway. It also gives me my Airmiles points and I pay with my credit card to get my Petro-Points.

The only thing I don't order through the site is produce, since that store generally doesn't have very good produce. Instead, I go to the local farmers' markets every few days in late afternoon to buy produce sellers would rather mark down radically than schlep home again.

Whomever puts the orders together does a very good job. There have been a few mistakes (eg. wrong flavour sent), but nothing major and I could still use the 'mistakes.' Delivery is always right on time. I also like that they actually read the comments I make. For example, I needed to top up my tomato soup so I searched for the store brand. It wasn't listed on the site, so I reluctantly ordered Campbell's (twice the cost!) and in the comment line put 'Compliments brand, please!' I received the store brand. Then there was the time I asked for one four-pack of veggie burgers... and they sent FOUR four-packs! Big expense, but I would have bought them eventually over time, and the patties freeze well.

That said, I can't wait to be able to go out to the stores again to unit-price shop for my staples, like the aforementioned tomato soup, since they're running low and I don't want to assume that the case that's not listed on the site but I know exists is cheaper than the individual cans.

But, for the moment, this is working out nicely.

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