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Saturday, August 25, 2007


I ordered through staples.ca a printer a few weeks back, for home delivery the next day. Someone came, but obviously didn't knock very loudly and I missed the delivery (never mind that I spend my days in the front room next to the front door...). Same thing happened the following day. When I called them, Staples said that my order was canceled and I would have to reorder. It took them some time, and a follow-up email, but they refunded me my full 235$ (including tax). By the time that happened, home delivery was no longer an option since I was heading back to work.

Today, I felt strong enough to go pick up the printer in store, with the caveat that I would ask a clerk to carry it to the car for me. I went back to the Staples website to get their item number for the printer model I'd picked out and was dismayed to see that they had increased the price by 40$!

None too happy, I decided to see if other stores carried this same model for less, or else I would go back to Staples and ask (beg) them to honour their previous price.

Well, I found the printer at Best Buy... for 150$ (including tax)! The caveat was that this had to be an online purchase. I was bummed, until I discovered that Best Buy allows online purchase with store pick up! The printer was available at the store nearest me, so I ordered and waited for notification that the store was ready for me to pick up. This was supposed to come in a delay of three hours and it took less than one hour.

85 bucks saved by a confluence of events, how amazing is that?!

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