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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

That Darn Pantry

I've been trying for quite some time, since I've been able to afford groceries on a more than haphazard basis, to figure out how to build my pantry. The method I've been focusing on is meal planning: figuring out what I'd want to eat that week, then going out to buy it. That has not been working for me.

Reading some blogs last night, the answer came to me. It's so obvious I can't believe I'm only figuring this out now.


Step 1: Make a list of everything that is a staple in my house. Staple is here defined as something that I buy regularly, including beer. :-)

Step 2: Take this list to all the major grocery stores (IGA, Loblaws, Metro, Maxis, Super C) and make an note of which one has the best price for each item. Go home empty handed.

Step 3: Check out the grocery fliers each week. When a staple item goes on sale for less than the cheapest price, go stock up.

We'll see if that works. I'm debating whether to add Walmart, Zellers, and Giant Tiger to my list of grocery stores. Too much choice, augh!!!

Right now, I'm trying to empty my pantry, fridge, and freezer since some stuff has been there for a while. I didn't realise that there is a term for this, "Pantry Challenge."

Reading American blogs, I'm amazed by the couponing opportunities availble there. Unfortunately, most of those opportunities, like 'doubling' aren't available in Quebec (don't know about the rest of Canada).

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Mrs. Elliott said...

Great ideas! I usually plan my menu around the pantry and sale fliers as well. The trick then is to stick to it. Good luck!