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Monday, August 27, 2007

Surprising Myself

Exhausted, I decided a half hour ago to go to bed (yes, at 8:30). First, I stopped off in the kitchen to prepare coffee for the morning. The kitchen looked really bad--dishwasher needed to be emptied and reloaded, counters and all appliances to be wiped, floor to be swept, spots on the floor to be cleaned, and over flowing recycling to be sorted and brought to the outside bins.

Note the past tense.

NOW I'm ready for bed.

(Thank goodness for dishwashers!!!)


Maine Mama said...

I struggle with the same issue every night. I hate to clean the kitchen before bed. It's the most miserable feeling to wake up to a dirty kitchen, so I force myself to do it most nights.

Raven said...

Waking up to a clean kitchen, on the other hand, is wonderful.

Thanks for reading my blog; I've been following yours for quite some time.