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Friday, August 24, 2007

Updating the Wardrobe

Now that I've had my breast reduction, I'm finding that while some of my old clothes still fits (much better, though!), I do need a lot of new tops... and lingerie.

I was used to paying 100$-150$ for a bra. Now, all I need are camisoles with built-in shelf bras. I've snatched up everyone I've seen that's 10$ or less! I now have more 'bras' in my dresser drawer than I've owned in my entire life. *makes a mental note to curb her enthusiasm a tad*

As for outerwear, I made the decision quite some time ago that I buy new clothes now, as a general rule (but I still check out thrift stores on occasion). I wear the most popular size for women's clothing, so it's hard to find anything good at thrift shops. I also find that often their prices aren't that good and that I can get something new for just a dollar or two more. One of the reasons I pinch pennies is to be able to spend money on what I want to spend money on. So, fewer movies, but more clothes. How my priorities have changed over the years!

Colleagues gave me a gift certificate for my favourite store, Reitmans. That 35$ got me five tops, and then I added another 35$ for another five pieces, which averages out to 7$ per item (some were considerably less, some more).

This is a great time of year to shop because you get all of the summer stock on sale AND last winter's leftovers. While I was scooping up camis and tees, I also snagged a couple of cord skirts for 2.50$ each and cable-knit sweaters for 4$ each. Once I had done the rounds of all my favourite stores and spent less than 125$ updating my wardrobe (including underwear), I was still missing a few pieces.

On a hunch, I decided to check eBay for items from stores for which I know my size and what styles suit me, like Reitmans, Smart Set, and Old Navy. Lo and behold, I found several suitable auctions and scored at least 300$ worth of clothes for just under 20$ with shipping! One of the lots was five long-sleeved Reitmans tee-shirts for 7$, including shipping. New, I could get them for 5$ each on sale. I live in these tee-shirts in winter, layering them over a camisole and under a cardigan, so I'm glad I didn't have to pay full sale price to replace my long-sleeved tee-shirt wardrobe.

Now that I know there's a market for Reitmans items on eBay, I'm glad I didn't donate all my too big clothes to St Vincent's. I've got several pieces that look plenty good enough to sell.

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