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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Taking Advantage of the Credit Card Company

I love my credit card. The fact that I pay it off every month and haven't paid interest (at 18.5%, no less!) helps, but the rewards are even better! My card is linked to Petro-Points, which I used to rack up and then redeem for a 100$ gas gift card. Now that my gas expenses are about 20$ a month, free gas isn't the treat it used to be. Along comes a new reward... 25$ amazon.ca gift certificates!

I buy most of my entertainment goods like DVDs and books on amazon.ca. I add things to my shopping cart over a period of time. When I reach the minimum for free shipping, I complete the transaction. This is what makes the gift cards great for me. Since they're not combinable and they don't meet the minimum for free shipping, it's impossible to get something absolutely free (The Catch). But I would have bought the items in my cart anyway, so the card means that I receive my items sooner and cheaper!

How long does it take me to rack up enough points to get one of these cards? This summer, I got two in two months, thanks to my trip. But in an average spending period, I'm looking at 2-3 months. So, a minimum of 100$ in free cards in a year!!! I repeat, I get at least 100$ worth of stuff I would have bought anyway just for using my card!

I'm part of that rare breed of people for whom a low interest card makes no sense... and I'm proud of it!

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