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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

150$ later...

There's food in the house again! LOL

I focussed on sales and items I'm short on. Anything else, I'll wait for further sales. IGA had its rare 2 for 1 sale on laundry detergent (this time La parisienne) so I bought two even though I'd bought some (for 2$ off) a month ago. The max number of free containers was four, but I only do a load or two of laundry per week so one freebie was sufficient for me to get to the next sale.

I bought a few things at Zellers but find the prices too close to IGA for the most part to bother doing that again since the lineups at the cash there are ludicrous (maybe even worse than Walmart). I did stock up on white cheddar Kraft dinner (my treat of treats) since it was on sale for 99 cents per box at IGA... but 49 cents at Zellers. The six boxes I bought (customer max) will last me a year.

I had 5 1$ off coupons for General Mills, which includes Betty Crocker, Green Giant, Nature Valley, Old El Paso, and more, but I was not able to find anything worth spending the coupons on! I'll wait till the granola bars or taco kits go on sale and use the coupons then. Cereal isn't something I buy often and won't buy just because I have a coupon.

I was happy to have a 2$ off coupon for two Swiffer refills since I needed both dry and wet cloths. I don't rely on Swiffer (not too frugal or ecological) but I'm still not allowed to vacuum or mop (ie. carry a heavy bucket of water), so Swiffer is a godssend! Brita filters were also discounted at Zellers, and at a most opportune time.

Best bargain of the day: red peppers for 69 cents per lb!!!

I stopped counting my savings at 30$!!!

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