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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

When Is It Okay to Spend Money on Frivolities?

I've wanted an iPod for years to use at work and at the gym. Even though a cheaper MP3 player would do the job, I want an iPod. It's completely irrational, but that's what I want because I'm such a fan of Apple. Yesterday, I put a bid on eBay for a brand new 80GB video iPod with a maximum bid of 100$. Checking prices for such an item, I doubt I'll get it for 100$, but we'll see.

This post isn't about the iPod, however. It's about spending money for frivolous things. When is it okay to do so? I have a hard time grasping that concept. People I've questioned on this topic tend to be polarized--some say that it's never okay and money shouldn't be wasted, the others say that I should do with my money as I please.

If I win this iPod (or any other iPod I might end up bidding on), it'll be paid for in cash, and this after I've spent my money on necessities like rent and contributions to my emergency fund. I have no debt except my .9% car loan, well padded emergency and recurring expenses funds, a full pantry, and I make regular contributions to various charities (in addition to volunteering). Does that make it 'okay' to 'waste' or 'spend' my money on an iPod when an other brand of MP3 player at half the cost would be suitable?


Bast said...

I kind of think it's one of those mental health things, to be honest - you do deserve some joy in life.

Raven said...

Mental health things? Yup, we speak the same language. I adore you. :-)