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Monday, September 10, 2007

iPod yay!!!

I've been tracking iPods on eBay for a few days as well as researching their cost until I had a firm idea of what a good, less than store value, price was for a brand new unit of each model type. The prize I was looking for was an 80GB classic model, for a maximum of 250$ plus less than 20$ shipping. US or CDN $ didn't matter since the exchange rate is so small, but the item had to be in Canada.

I bid on a few, but gave up when bidding went over 250$. I then started to eye the 30GB models, but they climbed over 150$ to reach store prices and I wanted better than store prices!

Today, I caught a brand new listing--new 80GB iPod for 250$, using Buy It Now, plus 16$ for shipping, located in Toronto.

All my research told me that my hard work had scored me an awesome deal, so I didn't hesitate!

The point of the story is that it pays to know the price range for a coveted item so as to recognize a real deal and not miss it.

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