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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Free Stuff for Canadians

"I found a New Site Called Canadian Free Stuff. They are very Canadian , with only Canadians in mind. Talk about being Patriotic. And Best of all. - FREE - They have a very large directory showing you where to get everything free. From Baby samples to pet samples, Not only do they have freebies, but also list all the coupons for Canada to be found online,

They also have a very busy Message Board where participating members share in on the fun with freebie hunting, and entering in Contests found across line.

Upon Entering The Forum - You will find that they also give away a free gift to all those that reach the rank of “Smart Beaver”.

So if your Canadian and wouldn’t mind getting some free stuff delivered into your mailbox, this wonderful place to hang your hat.

If you have a Blog, You can also enter into their Contest for $50.00 Amazon.com Gift Certificate."

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