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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Attention to Detail

Through an absurd confluence of events, I wound up driving past the Wal-mart tonight so I ducked in to pick up more file folders. As is typical at Wal-mart, the shelves were disorganized, so I didn't trust that the price below the folders was their price. Using the barcode, I determined that the letter and legal sizes had been reversed and that I should be paying 2.97$ per package. At the cash, I was charged 3.12$ per package which was odd seeing as the other price was 3.47$. A clerk went back to the papetrie section with me to see what I'd used to come up with the 2.97$ price. As it turns out, I wasn't nuts (this time); the tag did say 2.97$, but the barcode was coming up 3.12$. I was sent back to the cash and there the clerk called up a manager who gave her some instructions that boiled down to my paying 2.97$ for one pack and getting the other one free!

I was tired and the traffic jam and detour that followed the Wal-mart visit negated any savings, but I like that my vigilance saved me from being scammed .30$ by Wal-mart and actually cost them. :-)

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