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Friday, September 7, 2007

Calculating Net Worth

Well, I'm just about done with my homework in preparation with the meeting with the financial adviser and I just have the net worth calculations to make. Every net worth calculator I find is infuriatingly imprecise. What, praytell, constitutes 'household items' that could be considered assets?! I don't have any expensive jewellery or art or antiques, but I do have jewellery, art, and antiques. What about electronics? Can my second-hand furniture in resaleable condition be considered assets? How do I calculate the value of the items? Also, how do my pension deductions fit into this calculation?

The only thing I can answer for sure for this question is that my net worth is positive. Beyond that....

This guy is either going to love me (coming in organized) or hate me (coming in fairly clueless).

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