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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Shoe Bonanza!

I went off to a nearby mall tonight to scope out flats, ideally two pairs, one in brown, the other in black. I walked into Sears, where I rarely buy anything but undergarments, and what do I see, right there, by the front door? The perfect shoes, available in both brown and black, and for 30% off (27$) per pair!!! The closest thing Payless had were vinyl and cost 40$! But I did score at Payless. I had eyed a pair of sandals at the beginning of the summer, but wasn't willing to pay 40$ for them. Tonight, I scored their last pair, which just happened to be in my size... for 10$. My shoe budget was 100$ and I came in at 15$ less than that, woohoo!

Next on my list are an ankle-length woolen winter coat (not expecting to score on that end because deals are to be had in the spring, but I can't wait) and knee-high leather winter boots. We're talking about a real chunk of change here, but my overtime cheque for this month should cover most of this expense.

I love being solvent, being able to afford life's necessities and wants, and being able to sleep at night after a whirlwind shopping spree like tonight's.


selva said...

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Raven said...

Hi, thanks for reading!