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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Credit Report, Pantry List, eBay clothes

This morning, I went to equifax.ca to get a copy of a report called 'Score Power.' It's your credit report with a breakdown and analysis of your FICO score. I'm happy to report that my score has gone up almost 100 points in less than a year! The analysis has helped me make the decision about whether or not to close one of my accounts. I'll take the report with me when I go meet with the financial adviser since there are parts of it I don't understand. I think that the 25$ cost was worthwhile to know that a) I'm on top of things, b) no one has usurped my identity, and c) my financial health is definitely improving.

Moving on...

I finished my list of pantry staples and used it to plan my (badly needed) shopping trip this afternoon. I can't believe I never thought to do this before!!! Making my list was SO easy! I was also surprised to discover that I have a much better idea of what a 'good' price is for the items that I regularly use. Examining the grocery fliers, I've decided to stick with IGA for this trip, although Loblaws has a good deal on Yves TVP. I'm just not sure it'd be worth going all the way out there, though. Before I go to IGA this afternoon, I'll stop in at the Zellers next door and price items on my list there and get anything that's cheaper.

My huge lot of clothes purchased on eBay arrived today and I am thrilled!!! Everything is as described, in great condition, and perfectly my size. WOOHOO!

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