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Thursday, April 10, 2008

The joys of living in an older home

The house I live in is at least 100 years old. It creaks and groans mightily. The best part of it is the funky wiring my landlords didn't fix that means that there is no switch downstairs for upstairs. At night, unless you want to come back down to the kitchen to close its light, you have to climb a set over very narrow and steep steps in pitch black darkness until you reach the upstairs light.

Last night, I did that, but didn't bother turning on the light since I was going to bed. I crossed the whole dark upstairs, got to my bedroom, and went to bed without ever turning on a light.

Moments later, I heard a weird noise that I had never heard before. It was a muffled falling sound.

My first thought? "Oh, cripes, I hope it's not the shower rod." As it turns out, it was (must remember not to hang a sopping wet towel from it.

The point of all this being that while I might have ghosts on the brain this week, I don't get creeped out or think GHOST when I hear a bizarre noise in a non-haunted house, so I haven't lost leave of my five other senses. :-)

My sister was actually surprised when I told her I haven't been 'seeing things' in my 'creepy old house' since I got back. Why should I? Just because it's old and has dark corners and my dad has shown up once or twice doesn't make it haunted. Waitaminute. Maybe that last bit does. :-)

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