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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Probably a Bit Premature, But...

I've succumbed to the idea that spring has truly sprung.

Yesterday, I went to work in sandals (no tights!) and a sleeveless top since we were promised 23 degrees by the afternoon. I conceded that it was 'just 9' when I left in the morning by adding a light shawl to my ensemble.

When I got home, I finally clued int to the fact that even though I've had the thermostat at 16.5 the past week, my house has consistently been 18+. This morning, it was TWENTY-ONE degrees inside, and this with no help from the furnace. I turned off the furnace. I'll have one more big gas bill and then it's freeeeeedom.

Then, I stripped my bed of my winter (flannel) sheets and made them up again in my summer (crisp cotton) sheets.

Finally, the first thing I did when I arrived in the kitchen this morning? Throw open the back door to let in fresh air and sunlight all day. My cats are in heaven.

Last night, I wiped off my clothesline and put out a load to dry outside, then I went for a long walk. Oh, it feels so good to not be trapped indoors anymore!

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