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Monday, April 7, 2008

Okay, That's Weird

My ghost tour guide advised me to take a good look at any pictures I took on my trip to see if I captured anything paranormal. My best bet were pictures of the Mercer-Williams house. I did notice some weird things in the window of most of the pics, but was able to dismiss them as the reflection of trees or other objects. Except for this picture. That's clearly a person looking straight at me.

The room was definitely empty when I took this picture. Photos of the interior of the Mercer house aren't exactly permitted, so I discreetly took some shots from the outside using the zoom function of my camera.


Lady Em said...

Yep looks like a face to me too. I wish I could see it a little closer. You know a murder took place in that house? Well of course you do, you went on the tour!! I couldn't tell you who it is. Their is a horrible story regarding that house, worse than the murder of Jim Williams and his "friend."
Well anyway Jim Williams liked to throw parties, and during one of them some of the children at the party were playing on the roof, one little boy fell and impaled himself on the wrought iron fence around the house, and died. That top part of the fence is missing by the way. I don't know if they told you that story on the tour.
Oh and I went back and looked at the picture of 432 that I took, looks to me like someone was staring out at me!! I'll have to investigate it a little more, I'm a believer, but I play skeptic first.
I have to say I would love to really start investigating this stuff, part of me has always wanted to, and I've had several experiences with the supernatural, so has my mom and sister, we get feelings to. And then part of me pulls away from wanting to dive deeper into the pool. I think honestly it's the fear of maybe really having some sort of "gift" as silly as that sounds, and once I start finding out that I really do have an ability I might not like it so much. And that scares me and fascinates me all at once. I'm teetering on the edge. What do you think?

Raven said...

Okay, that's two people who also see a face. That makes me feel a bit better.

The version I heard of the boy falling to his death had the story happen between the time the Shriners were in the house and Jim Williams bought the house. It's a weird story; the way the roof overhangs the house makes the trajectory of the fall onto the fence and subsequent landing in the moat a tad suspicious.

I'm a believer and a skeptic, too. I have to be skeptic because it's easy to let your imagination run away from you, but when something is right in front of you, it can be best to accept it.

I have no choice but to believe in ghosts. For a long time, I thought I just had a vivid imagination, then non-believers corroborated things I'd seen and felt.

Even though I'd love to investigate my experiences more, I have to say that I'm scared s***less by some of the things I've seen and heard. To me, it's not something to be played with, but rather to be treated with respect. Anything you can't control and which is more powerful than you, whether it be good or evil, needs to be treated with respect.

So, I'm definitely like you, scared but cognizant that I see and feel things others don't. My mother wonders how I live with this knowledge; just the mention of ghosts paralyzes her with fear. She feels that she needs to ignore such happenings in order to maintain her sanity.

My sister is also 'gifted', more so than me, I think, but she does not explore what happens to her. She does not ignore or dismiss 'supernatural' encounters, but she won't delve into them the way I do. It amazes her that I can be so open about something that scares me so much, that I have faith, purposely invite the dead to my Samhain celebrations, and work at exploring other aspects of my 'gift' such as working with my premonition dreams.

I think we're lucky to be able to cross the thin veil between this plane and the next, as well as sensible to feel a fear that is an equal part respect. I would like it if science could prove what we experience in such a way as to make believers of everyone, but I'm not holding my breath as to that happening in my lifetime.

I can't look at your pictures of 432 Abercorn in any great deal. The house just freaks me out. :-)

Lady Em said...

Well I guess that makes two of us!! Maybe one day I'll work up the courage to explore the paranormal more, maybe soon who knows? But just as you, I think that we must treat this things, occurances, spirits with utter respect. And that we shouldn't go messin' with the wrong kind, because I've heard it can be ugly.
I'll keep you up to date on anymore hauntings I stumble upon, which is very likely living here, and me getting brave for awhile!!

Raven said...

The ghost tour host agreed with me that what we call 'supernatural' are simply things that science hasn't explained yet, but that the answer doesn't lie with scientists. It's people with the 'gift' who need to learn how to do science properly and come up with the necessary tools to 'prove' supernatural phenomenon. Most scientists treat paranormal studies as a pseudoscience not serious enough to make a career of it.

I've added your blog to my reader and look forward to more tales of hauntings as well as more information about 432 Abercorn.

Anonymous said...

It absolutely looks like a face! I've been down to Savannah and had the same reaction -- very, very sad feeling.