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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Making Quiche

(Ooh, I do so love productive days like this!)

This evening, I am attending a pot-luck dinner for Passover for which I was asked to bring a main dish that could feed six. I immediately thought 'quiche.'

I absolutely cannot stomach the taste of eggs, so quiche is a hit-or-miss type of dish for me and not something I'll order in a restaurant. But my quiche? Ooh, now that's good eatin'! I only use two eggs and rely on super savoury cheese and mountains of sautéd onions to mask any potential egginess. The result is rich, but oh-so-satisying.

Raven's Onion Quiche


-one prepared pie crust (I favour the 'No Name' kind as it is made of 100% vegetable oil and comes out a lot flakier and less greasy than the lard-based 'Tenderflake' brand);

-2 eggs;

-about a half cup of milk, cream, or soy milk;

-one cup of grated cheese (the stinkier, the better, but I usually go with the oldest cheddar I can find);

-about four onions (depending on the size), quartered and sliced;

-basil (fresh or dried) to taste;




-Sauté the onions in vegetable oil until soft and translucent, about 20 minutes. I know they're ready when the ones at the bottom of the pot start to brown. The onions need to release their sugar, so a longer cooking time is much better than a shorter one.

-Meanwhile, beat the eggs with the liquid and add salt, pepper, and basil to taste. Mix in the cheese.

-Add in the hot onions and stir to coat them well with the egg and cheese mixture.

-Pour into the pie crust.

-Bake about 35 minutes, until the crust is brown and crispy, the eggs are set, and the top is golden brown.

This dish is wonderful at any temperature; hot, cold, and warm (making it particularly useful for a potluck if you don't know if you'll have access to a fridge or an oven). It freezes well, but is a bit soggy upon thawing, so I recommend heating it in the oven.

Since the pie crust comes two to a package, I tend to make two quiches at once by doubling the ingredients. Cooking time will be a bit longer, then.

In my family, this dish is traditionally served with a green vegetable (usually green beans, my favourites) and potatoes.

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