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Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I went back to Miranda tonight to hopefully finish the floors. I almost got done before I ran out of light and steam. I'm at the 'really finicky lots of measuring and fitting of itty bitty pieces in a tiny space stage', which is not fun at all.

I've made two discoveries this week.

Until Sunday, Miranda had a secret basement compartment with a door I couldn't open. I tried every key and had my friend try, too, when she came last Tuesday. Neither one of us could get that door open. Sunday, I decided to try again and I got in (wish I could remember what key I used). Guess what I found behind the door? An outdoor shower!!! YES! *score*! And there I was disappointed that not only do I have a rig without enclosed tanks, I also don't have an outdoor shower. My rig is truly awesome! :-)

Second discovery came from spending about an hour sitting on the entrance steps. I looked up and noticed a switch under the kitchen counter, just above the drawers. I'd of course seen it in pictures, but hadn't really clued in to the fact that there was something there. Curious, I hit the switch. Miranda roared to life. Yes, folks. I found the on switch for the generator. I had no idea that a generator could be turned on from inside! There's even a little counter that keeps track of the generator hours. I'll be filling up the tank on Friday and will exercise the generator this weekend.

Tonight was the first time I turned lights on in the rig and doing so caused a shift in consciousness. Miranda is parked by her lonesome in a rural setting, by farmland, and surrounded by trees. Soon as the sun set, the crickets came out. As I turned lights on in my current metal tube on wheels set in such a familiar setting, I was instantly home. I can't wait to move in.

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