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Monday, August 25, 2008

More Frustration

Well, I've wound up getting a new phone number.

As it turns out, Virgin Mobile could have ported my old number over to the mobile... had my internet service provider, Vidéotron, been willing to cooperate. They were not. I spoke to an absolutely vile woman this afternoon. But that doesn't surprise me, all the customer service reps there need to have an attitude adjustment. I would have still gone with them, though, had I moved within the city because the tech guys rock. They are sub-contractors who are in the right business. In case that wasn't clear, if you're in Quebec and you have a choice between Bell and Vidéotron, pick the latter. They're reps aren't as helpful as Emily, but their tech guys won't make it necessary for you to traipse to the telephone pole with your ladder in the dark in minus 20 weather to fix their bad wiring job.

But, I digress.

So, having my pick of any area code in the country, I decided for a Victoria-based number (area code 250). I anticipate being in that area for several months and having a 'local' number will make government job hunting easier. I have the option to change my number later, of course, and local calls (say to Calgary from Calgary or Saskatoon from Saskatoon) are charged the local per minute rate, not the long distance rate, no matter my number's area code. So, really, this was self indulgence on my part. :-)

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