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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Removing Tar From a Car

When I was out and about on Saturday, I noticed a long scratch down the passenger's door of my car. Disgruntled, I examined it more closely and realised that it was actually a streak of something that I could flick away with my fingernail.

I suddenly remembered that when I got back to Mr. Wonderful's street on Thursday to pick up Pommette, the owner of the house in front of which she was parked was tarring his driveway....

My heart in my throat, I took a closer look at the car and realised that the whole passenger side, windshield, front, and part of the driver's side was flecked with tar. I hadn't noticed because of the way she's parked at home. Yes, I'd noticed that the windshield was messy, but didn't really think that much of it.

At any rate, I was pissed off about how much money and time I was going to have to spend to clean up the car.

I got home, did some Googling and came up with a list of possible solutions, from the supposedly undamaging to the 'definitely works, but you'll strip the finish and need rewax the car.'

Tonight, I finally had a half hour to kill to try out these solutions and figure out how much time it was going to take to clean the car completely.

Twenty-five minutes later, I had a shiny, non-damaged, and clean car.

The answer to tar on your car is...

Baking soda!!!

I sprayed the car with water, then sprinkled baking soda all over. I used a raggedy wash cloth to rub away all the tar. Minimum elbow grease was needed. When I was done, I used the hose to rinse the baking soda from the car.

I didn't even get dirty. Or wet.

*heaves a huge sigh of relief*

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