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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ludicrously Easy and Insanely Delicious Chicken, Redux

LEaIDC is easy, but messy, to make, since it splatters like mad. I need to thoroughly scrub the stove for the new tenants, so I figured I might as well have one last batch of this stuff.

I served it with multigrain noodles tossed with leftover No Name cream of vegetable soup (quite good), broccoli, and cauliflower.

Inevitable questions:

You don't have many vegetables on your plate!
A: I nibble on salad or crudités while I cook, easily consuming three or four helpings worth of good stuff!

What, praytell, is your food lying on?!
A: My dad's serving platter, which is what got me into blue and white dishes. All my beloved antique blue willow is boxed up in storage right now, but I just couldn't risk never seeing this plate again.

Why is your food lying on a serving platter?
A: My beloved antique blue willow is boxed up in storage and my new dishes are in the moho. I've been eating out of serving bowls and bakeware all week. It makes proper portioning difficult since these dishes seem so empty compared to my regular dishes!

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