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Friday, August 22, 2008

A Sign That You've Been Single Too Long

You have this sort of conversation with yourself:

-Dinner might be good.
*Yeah! But I don't feel like cooking.
-Have you ever felt like cooking in the past few weeks?
-You're not eating out AGAIN.
*Fine, then I'm not eating.
-How about... chicken in barbecue sauce?
*We have neither chicken nor barbecue sauce.
-GT has both and is right around the corner.
*So is Subways.
-Maybe they'll have those frozen yoghurt things you like, too...
-*smugly* You're so easy to bribe.

And that's how I wound up having chicken baked in barbecue sauce, noodles on the side, and crudités (red pepper, cucumber, tomato). With chocolate covered coffee-flavoured frozen yoghurt for dessert. And leftovers for tomorrow.

I'm glad my evil twin wins these conversations.

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